Bricklaying and construction of buildings

budynek podczas budowy

We deal in bricklaying and construction of residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

We offer:

  • construction of load-bearing walls with ceilings and building partition walls,
  • assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements,
  • assembly of formwork
  • fabrication and assembly of reinforcement
  • bricklaying clinker


Building shell

  • load-bearing walls with ceilings,
  • roof with covering,
  • installed windows and doors,
  • installed garage door,
  • completed installations,
  • erected partition walls.


stan deweloperskiShell and core

Shell and core includes building shell plus:

  • anti-moisture and thermal insulation of walls, floors and ceilings,
  • thermal insulation of the roof and attic,
  • floor screeds,
  • plasters,
  • installations: ventilation, electrical, plumbing, heating, gas, water and sewage systems,
  • installation of window sills,
  • plastering and painting walls and ceilings,

The shell and core prepares the facility for finishing works.

We invite you to take advantage of our construction offer. We undertake the erection of the building, starting from earthworks and ending with the shell and core. At a later stage, we also deal with the finishing of buildings: installation of tiles, plastering and painting.