Construction, roofing and installation services as well as finishing works

We provide comprehensive construction services related to the construction and finishing of residential and commercial buildings. We carry out the following works:

  • bricklaying buildings and making clinker
  • roof framing and covering,
  • plumbing installations,
  • ventilation installation,
  • electrical installations,
  • general construction works (painting, drywall, suspended ceilings),
  • installation of windows,
  • tiling,
  • installation of a terrace board.


Why is it worth using our services?

At every stage of cooperation, our clients can count on direct and quick contact, thanks to which the construction process runs smoothly.
We also provide all necessary documents required at the construction site (limosa, check-in) and all required training - VCA, asbestos, etc.
Many years of experience and knowledge of our employees and subcontractors guarantee timely and reliable execution of works.

We invite you to cooperation.

dach z pokryciem dachowym

Roof framing and covering

płytki na ścianie i podłodze


Installation works

Prace instalacyjne

wymurowany dom z cegły

Bricklaying and construction of buildings