Roof framing and covering

układanie blachy na budynku We assemble various types of framing - from the simplest gable roofs to hipped roofs and more complex projects.
We deal with both renovation of existing roofs and installation on new buildings.










pokrycia dachoweRoof covering

We deal with the assembly of the following roof coverings:


  • fiber cement tiles
  • ceramic and concrete tiles,
  • roofing felt and EPDM

We perform additional works:

  • installation of gutters,
  • installation of roof windows
  • processing of chimneys
  • performing additional facade works
  • installation of insulation in attics and drywall

We use high-quality galvanized steel sheets to perform roof flashings. We deal with the installation of roof windows and their processing.

We invite you to benefit from of our wide offer regarding the assembly of roof framing and covering.