Installation works

instalacja elektryczna

We undertake the execution, modernization and repair of electrical and plumbing installations. We also install mechanical ventilation and photovoltaic panels. Our employees are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. The orders we carry out are made very carefully in compliance with all required standards. We have modern equipment that enables efficient execution of works.


Electrical installations

We offer:

  • furrowing of walls and preparation for laying cables
  • installation of wires and cable routes,
  • installation of boxes, switches, sockets and other control connectors
  • installation of lighting, sockets and switches
  • installation of electrical boards and switching stations,
  • installation of emergency and low-voltage installations
  • installation of solar panels



prace hydrauliczne

Plumbing installation and ventilation

We offer:

  • installation of water supply and sewage systems,
  • installation of the heating system and underfloor heating
  • installation of water supply and sewage risers,
  • installation of accessories - flush-mounted frames, siphons, batteries
  • installation of radiators, washbasins, showers and other equipment
  • insulation and installation of ventilation ducts and accessories

We encourage you to take advantage of our wide offer of installation of plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems.